We understand the value of your business property and how property damages can result in costly interruptions to your operations. Property insurance policies, which manage different kinds of risks (e.g. fire, business interruption, crime, and accidental damage), include:


Property all risks insurance (‘PAR’)
PAR insurance offers comprehensive protection for the physical loss of or damage to valuable business assets (including buildings, plants and machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures and fittings, and stock in trade) caused by accidents or natural disasters.

Business interruption insurance (‘BI’)
The damages and on-going business expenses incurred from the failure to resume operations will be costlier than the physical-damage claims. BI compensates business owners for loss of profits or income caused by an unexpected event.

Money insurance
While working hard to run your business, you need an insurance policy to save you from financial loss in the event of theft or damage to your money—including cash, cheques, and credit cards. Money insurance covers you for the loss of money in transit or while it is locked securely in a safe or another insured location, both during and after business hours.

Fire insurance
Fire is a commonplace occurrence. Failing to insure your business property against fire can severely impact your business and possibly cause financial disaster. Having fire insurance helps protect both movable and immovable property on your business premises against physical loss or damage by fire, lightning, or other extraneous perils.

Office package
Your office is the central hub of your business and should be covered against damages or liabilities. Office package insurance—with coverage for property and business interruption, theft, money, machinery breakdown, electronic equipment, and liability—brings long-term peace of mind by protecting you against damage to office premises or equipment and covering the costs of any third-party injuries and accidents.

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